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With effective social marketing, your brand can become big business, and followers from all over the world can become raving fans. 

Our social targeted campaigns aim to bring your brand into the minds of your customers.

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Targeted campaigns with the social media advertising across platforms

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Detailed reports and data from your social media channels

Facebook Advertising

As the leader in the social media economy (accounting for 60% of social referral traffic), Facebook is the widest net to use in capturing members of your target market. But their systems (and algorithms) change over time, so achieving the best ROI can be difficult without inside knowledge.

When working on a Facebook management strategy, we make sure we’re taking full advantage of the flexible targeting and wide range of ad formats the platform offers. Our social media managers have access to custom audiences (e.g. via your CRM or eDM list), lookalike audiences (people similar to your existing customers), and core audiences (defined by certain demographics, interests, and user behaviours). This gives us a buffet of targeting options to use when mapping out your Facebook advertising strategy.

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Instagram Advertising Marketing

Social media ads have proven to be an effective means for generating new business, and Instagram ads are no exception. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, get more website visits, or increase downloads of your mobile app, Instagram ads can help you access a huge, engaged audience.

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Linkedin Marketing Strategy

The B2B social platform. This channel stands out due to its focus on building professional connections. People aren’t typically logging in to have fun or fill in time – they’re here for career advice, serious information, job hunting, learning opportunities, and network building. 

For B2B businesses this means one very important thing: LinkedIn users are open to receiving business information.

On LinkedIn we work with a unique range of audience characteristics. When marketing on LinkedIn, we target (and retarget) your ads to people based on their company size, industry, seniority level, fields of study, and standard demographics.

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I couldn’t believe my brand new web store was going to be a hit with the target campaigns Just Marketing team did! Amazing!

Sarah G.

Online Flooring Store

I have worked with social media advertising in the past but nothing compared to the results we got with Milla and her team. Have been doing for over 4 years now.

Adrian A.

Discount Chemist


Do you offer social media content management?

Yes we do, assuming you define social media management the same way we do.

What we can do for you:

  • Create and manage the distribution of paid social media ads
  • Develop a customised paid social media strategy and roadmap
  • Setup and optimise your social media pages
  • Create, share and amplify organic posts on your social media
  • Develop an organic social media strategy

What we can’t do for you:

  • Community management (i.e. we can’t monitor your pages for messages/comments or respond to people on behalf of your brand).

If you’re unsure about which social media services Just Marketing provide, all it takes is a quick phone call 1300 73 83 89 or email: info@justmarketing.com.au to clarify this with us.

How much will it cost?

We have a few options to suit startups or mature businesses. 

Social media marketing services start as little as $299+gst per month. 

All it takes is a quick phone call 1300 73 83 89 or email: info@justmarketing.com.au to find out more.

What’s involved in ongoing management?

Ongoing social media management can include elements such as:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Budget tracking
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Audience segmentation testing
  • Ad split testing
  • Search query analysis
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Insights and advice.

In essence, we will stay as engaged as possible with your campaign, and take every measure to guarantee it meets your measures of success. Call one of Just Marketing experts to find out more. 

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