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  • Last Minute Email Campaign

    It's that time of the year. You need to communicate with your customers in an effective way and you are too busy with the business, Christmas parties, and kids... This solution is ideal for busy business owners looking to promote last minute deals, advise about opening hours and wish a Merry Christmas to their customers. We don't do this often, so hurry! This deal expires soon! Please see details below.

  • Website Maintenance – WordPress

    Just Marketing  offers WordPress maintenance services for clients who wish to protect the integrity of their website’s security and performance. Our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plan includes:. Updates to your site’s version of WordPress, ensuring that your site is up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Changing of passwords for WordPress and web hosting accounts. Backups of your site sent to a dedicated folder setup for your account, so if anything “breaks” it can easily be rolled back. Security monitoring to ensure that any sensitive data collected is not stored long-term on client servers, unless absolutely necessary. Immediate response from us to reinstate your website to its most recent backup copy (within 48 business hours) if it is hacked or otherwise becomes unstable. The Peace of Mind plan is optional, however your site is at RISK of breaking or becoming outdated. While clients can install updates on their own, it is not recommended without adequate WordPress training, as installing these updates can disable your site functionality. Having the Peace of Mind plan in place is the equivalent of having an alarm system installed at your office; it doesn’t guarantee you won’t get “broken into,” but it does detour amateur hackers from penetrating weaknesses while making it much harder for anyone who may deliberately want to hack into your site. And, it provides the added assurance (INSURANCE) that if anything is damaged/stolen it will be replaced promptly so your site will not suffer excessive downtime.