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Importance of Business Cards

Importance of Business Cards

In this business, networking is king. Getting hired, or even considered, often boils down to a combination of who you know and who knows you. This is why I’ve always stressed to people, you should attend any and every type of industry event you can. You need to put yourself in the right place to make those important contacts. If I meet someone, one of the first things I’ll ask for is a business card. If you don’t have one, honestly – I’m going to just write you off as a flake. Cards are cheap. You have to take yourself serious before anybody else will. Not having the most basic of promotional materials tells me you aren’t serious, and if you don’t take yourself seriously, don’t expect anyone else to either. That also means having a supply of cards with you. If you’re at an industry event, but forgot to bring your cards, it shows you don’t come prepared. Not the kind of person people want to work with.

Types of cards are also important. Spend a few extra bucks if you can and get some nicely printed and designed. Even a couple hundred should last quite a while assuming you’re not passing them out to singles you meet at the bar, or filling the “win a free lunch” fishbowl at the local diner.  I’m not a big fan of the “free, but our website appears on the back of the card” styles. Again, show me you’re serious and stay home one Saturday night and get real cards.

If you’re an actor or model, then one side of your card should be your headshot. No exceptions. Hair and makeup people, a nice before/after shot on one side would be good. Whatever your profession, just think professional. It’s better to be simple than to be garish. Include all your basic contact info. Make sure any info you list has a professional feel to it. No silly answering machine messages, drunken debauchery on your Facebook page, etc…  Websites need to show up on every platform, every time.

Good luck and happy networking.

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