Australian businesses are missing out on social media

The social media and digital marketing space is moving at the speed of unsolicited Facebook changes. There are constantly new ideas, platforms, channels and technological advancements that make marketing more and more exciting and increase the opportunities for businesses to implement really awesome and buzz-worthy campaigns. No longer do we need to spend our marketing budget on a few print ads, a radio campaign and a TV spot during an obscure program on cable.

So, why then are Aussie businesses falling so far behind? Why are almost all the noteworthy, barrier-breaking, buzz-creating social/tech/digital campaigns coming from other countries in the world? We could blame it on our agencies, which is a favourite pastime of mine, but I’m not so sure it’s their fault. Do the decision makers in our companies not have enough confidence in new technologies and social media to trial new things? Either way it’s a sad reflection on our vibrant and tech-savvy nation. We can come up with some of the world’s most notable medical triumphs and more elite athletes per capita than most… but where our talent and smarts in these arenas thrive, they seem to shrivel into non-existence when it comes to creative marketing.
Australian businesses should be getting on to RIGHT NOW.